Wound Care

An interdisciplinary approach to the art of wound healing

Innovative Solutions for Wound Care

The Snyder Institute for Vascular Health and Research is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic wounds, lymphedema and other vascular disorders. The Institute offers advanced modern services and vascular diagnostic testing equipment, as well as the latest innovations in wound care. Other common conditions that are evaluated and treated include venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, post-surgical wounds and traumatic wounds.

The Snyder Institute is located on the lower level of the western side of the hospital near the Emergency Department. There is a patient drop-off area and convenient parking located immediately adjacent to the Institute.

To schedule an appointment, call 724-543-8536. Your physician may also fax us a referral request form or call us for an appointment.

Exceptional Talent

Our patients are evaluated by one of our highly skilled physicians trained in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. They review the patient’s medical history and medication usage, perform an in-depth physical exam, review or order appropriate diagnostic tests, provide education about the condition diagnosed and share a plan for individualized treatment options and goals.

Hyperbaric Wound Treatment

Always on the forefront of new treatment technology – ACMH Hospital implemented Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy in 2008. This interdisciplinary approach to the art of wound healing is offered by a team of specialists who are trained to assist patients with their wound treatment needs. This 100% pure oxygen treatment environment can promote wound healing and potentially prevent the need for amputation, non-healing wounds and other disorders. Innovative programs and treatment techniques employed at the Snyder Institute have been recognized and published within medical journals.

As part of the ongoing effort to offer ACMH patients the best in quality care, we are actively initiating and participating in clinical trials. The addition of this latest technology has allowed ACMH to further enhance the healing of complicated, non-healing wounds.

Some of the most common conditions evaluated and treated in the center include:
  • Acute and Chronic wounds: diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial/ ischemic ulcers, pressure ulcers, traumatic ulcers, radiation-related tissue injuries, and non-healing surgical wounds
  • Soft tissue and boney infections
  • Lymphedema

  • Wound Healing: An interdisciplinary approach to the art of wound healing is offered through a team of wound care specialists comprised of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and an experienced support staff. After a thorough assessment of the patient’s vascular, nutritional, and neurological health, advanced wound care treatments and dressings are customized to meet individualized wound healing needs. Treatment programs range from basic wound care to the most sophisticated products, procedures, and therapies available on the wound care market.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) – HBO is a two-hour medical treatment administered by delivering 100% oxygen at pressure greater than atmospheric (sea level) pressure to a patient enclosed in a large, see-through chamber. HBO acts as a drug, eliciting various levels of response at different treatment depths, durations, and dosages and has proven effective as an adjunctive therapy. In our center, HBO is used for the treatment of failed/compromised skin grafts; soft tissue radionecrosis (radiation damage); osteoradionecrosis (boney radiation damage); chronic osteomyelitis (bone infection); crush injuries; acute ischemia; clostridial myositis and myonecrosis (gas gangrene); necrotizing fascitis; actinomycosis; as well as enhancement of healing in selected problem wounds, especially diabetic ulcers.
  • Lymphedema Management: Our skilled physical therapists can provide treatment of swelling caused by poor drainage through a compromised lymphatic system. Lymphedema management, including compression therapy, may be part of a treatment protocol for lower extremity ulcers that may result from swelling or lymphedema.
  • Vascular Ultrasound Diagnostic Testing: Non-invasive equipment and techniques are used to test the condition of blood vessels that may be compromised and contributing to non-healing wounds and other disease processes. This testing is performed by our registered Ultrasound Technologists with specialized training in vascular imaging.
  • Research: Studies (clinical trials) are conducted in our center to assess new protocols and therapies that may lead to improvements in the field of wound healing and vascular care.

The Snyder Vascular Center at ACMH is on the forefront of medical research. Our innovative programs and treatment protocols/techniques have been recognized and published in medical journals. As part of our ongoing effort to offer our patients the best in quality care, we actively initiate and participate in clinical trials.

Our patients enjoy the benefits of these innovations in many ways:
  • Clinical trials allow our patients to play an active role in their own health care.
  • Our patients gain access to new research/treatments before they are widely available.
  • Trials offer access to new approaches that are often otherwise unavailable.
  • Participants may be the first to receive the new method (drug, device, technology, etc…) under study
  • Participation helps others by contributing to medical research, expanding medical knowledge and improving care for others.
  • Participants receive regular and careful medical attention from a research team that includes specialists and other experienced healthcare professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?
To schedule an appointment for wound care, lymphedema treatment or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, simply call the Snyder Institute at 724-543-8536 to arrange an appointment. Your physician may also fax us a referral request form or call us for an appointment. To schedule a vascular or ultrasound diagnostic test that has been ordered by your physician, call Radiology Scheduling at 724-543-8131.
To schedule a vascular or ultrasound diagnostic test that has been ordered by your physician, call Radiology Scheduling at 724-543-8131.

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