Volunteering Opportunities

ACMH volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year to helping dapartments throughout the hospital

Volunteer Qualities

  • Volunteers should possess a professional appearance and manner
  • A friendly smile and a positive attitude help to ease the anxiety of patients and visitors
  • Volunteers should have a commitment to helping others
  • Volunteers should be dependable

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers enjoy many of the benefits of hospital employees, including:
  • Discount coupons for local businesses
  • Christmas dinners
  • Special sales
  • Optional membership (for $5 a month) in the ACMH Health Club, giving you use of the extensive exercise equipment in the Physical Therapy outpatient gym on a very open schedule throughout the day.

Volunteer Applications

Service Areas

Patient Escorts 
Patients are taken by wheelchair or moveable bed to treatment areas and then returned to their rooms. You may also take patients to the main lobby for discharge from the hospital.

Emergency Department Liaisons
Responsible for greeting and escorting new patients to Registration and/or Triage area. Will act as a liaison between family members in the waiting room and staff – and the patient in the treatment area. Volunteers will also escort family members to the patient being treated when appropriate, while acting as an ambassador of ACMH!

Pet Therapy 
Do you have a wonderful dog or cat that you know would make a patient feel better just to be around? Pre-screened pets that are well behaved, have up-to-date shot records and vet exams, and are approved by the certified occupational therapy assistant are scheduled to visit on the Skilled Nursing Unit, the Acute Care Unit, and the Psychiatric Unit.

Music Therapy 
The desire to share your musical talents with others is all you need to be a part of the music therapy program. Volunteers are welcome to talk with the certified occupational therapy assistant on the Skilled Nursing Unit, who will set aside a special time for you to entertain the patients.

Physical Therapy
If you are trying to decide on a health career choice, volunteering in Physical Therapy will give you first-hand knowledge of exactly what a therapist does. Although a volunteer cannot treat a patient in any way, you can observe the therapist at work, run errands, bring patients to the gym for therapy treatments, and help out as needed.

Skilled Nursing Activity Therapy Assistant 
If you enjoy interacting with people, you will enjoy this service area that works with patients on the Skilled Nursing Unit making crafts, playing games, helping with group lunches, and many other activities.

Service Areas w/o Patient Contact

Cash Register 
Volunteering at the Gift Shop cash register will keep you busy for your entire shift. This is a great place to work if you are a “people person” and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a popular cafe atmosphere. You will be taught to operate the cash register, and you may help with basic merchandising duties.

Information Desk 
The information desk volunteer is usually the first person a visitor encounters when entering the hospital. A welcoming smile and a soothing attitude can go such a long way to easing a person’s apprehension at being at the hospital.

Snack Bar 
When we think of volunteering at the hospital, often the Snack Bar volunteer comes to mind. Whether you are serving the best cup of coffee in town or telling a customer the soup of the day, you know you are making the visitor’s time at the hospital just a bit more pleasant. Snack bar hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Volunteer Office Assistants 
There are opportunities in several hospital departments for those who enjoy polishing their clerical skills. Many tasks involve filing, and computer knowledge is helpful but certainly not necessary to help in any of these areas.

Interdepartmental Couriers 
Anyone who wants to combine volunteering with keeping fit is invited to work with an experienced volunteer to learn the hospital courier route. Interdepartmental mail is picked up and delivered by courier cart from department to department throughout ACMH. Volunteers typically cover 3-4 miles in a regular four-hour shift.

Leadership Opportunity
The auxiliary has an elected board of directors and monthly meetings, as well as a spring meeting and election of officers and a fall meeting for the general membership. Auxiliary membership offers the opportunity to fulfill personal leadership goals by serving as an elected officer or holding a service chairperson position. Officers and chairpersons attend board meetings, help with special projects, guide new volunteers, and help implement changes and improvements in their service areas.
Auxilians also have the opportunity to attend regional and state auxiliary conferences and to rise to leadership positions at these levels.

Volunteer Scholarship Award


Up to four $1,000 scholarships may be awarded annually to eligible ACMH volunteer who have served the hospital:

  1. The applicant must have been accepted to a school for healthcare education; or
  2. Is currently enrolled in college or an accredited health career related program.


  • The applicant must have given at least 100 hours of volunteer service at ACMH.
  • High school seniors must enclose a copy of a letter of acceptance from a school of advanced education. College students must enclose proof of college enrollment.
  • A copy of current transcript.
  • An essay to read where you volunteered, how you benefited from the program and any suggestion on how you believe the program could improve.
  • The applicant must submit two letters of reference (teacher, community, or professional references; excludes family members).
  • The scholarship winners will be selected by a Scholarship Selection Committee composed of three auxiliary members and a representative of the Volunteer Services Department.
  • The Scholarship Selection Committee will consider the following:
    • Applicant’s volunteer commitment to volunteerism and their ACMH volunteer attendance record
    • Scholastic standing
    • Performance evaluation by the volunteer’s supervisor or other staff
    • Recommendation of school guidance counselor
    • Applicant’s involvement in school and community activities
  • The completed application and all letters of reference must be turned into the Volunteer Services Department by May 15 of each academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Auxiliary only for women?
No. Both men and women are active volunteers in the organization and hold leadership positions within the Auxiliary.

How many hours a week do volunteers work? 
A volunteer shift is typically 3-4 hours long. Shifts may be from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., from 12 to 4 p.m., or from 4-7 p.m., depending on where you volunteer. Volunteers often choose to work more than one shift a week.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
The minimum age for a junior volunteer is 14 years old. Junior volunteers may help in the Snack Bar (14+ years old), at the Information Desk (15+ years old), or as patient escorts, in Physical Therapy, or as office assistants (16+ years old).

How do I become a volunteer?
The first step is to complete the application form. Then contact the volunteer office at 724-543-8142 to schedule an appointment to discuss volunteer opportunities, to receive your volunteer jacket, and to set up a time to begin this exciting new part of your life. All volunteers are members of the hospital auxiliary.

Are all volunteer positions at ACMH Hospital in Kittanning?
There are also volunteer office assistant positions available at the Elderton, Leechburg, and South Bethlehem Primary Care Centers and at ABC Women’s Care.

Do I have to wear special clothes to volunteer?
Volunteers wear distinctive tops in a “business casual” manner that identify you as ACMH Hospital volunteers. Adults have red jackets, vests, cobbler aprons, or polo shirts with an embroidered logo, and junior volunteers wear royal blue polo shirts. Everyone is issued a photo ID badge.

How much does it cost to volunteer?
Adults are asked to put a $5 deposit on their uniform jackets and to pay $1 per year auxiliary membership dues. The $5 deposit is returned if the volunteer resigns and returns his/her jacket. Summer red polo shirts are available for $5. Junior volunteers are asked to pay $5 for their blue uniform polo shirts. Auxiliary membership dues are waived for junior volunteers.

How does the Auxiliary keep current with the changing face of healthcare?
The ACMH Hospital Auxiliary belongs to the Southwest Region of the Pennsylvania Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries (SRAPAHA). Fall and spring regional meetings are hosted by a member hospital, and speakers and representatives from other auxiliaries address the group about current healthcare topics as well as auxiliary accomplishments. In addition ACMH Hospital Auxiliary representatives attend a yearly conference in Harrisburg of the Pennsylvania Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries (PAHA), where members share ideas about future growth.
If you are interested in serving others through volunteering at ACMH, please call 724-543-8142.
A Message from the President:

Volunteering at ACMH is a very rewarding experience. Our auxiliary is extremely active in the hospital and involved in community interests. We have multiple opportunities for those interested in making a difference in the lives of others through volunteering. Our volunteers range in age from 14 to 94, and work in varied areas throughout the hospital. In 2016 a total of 15,401.95 hours of volunteer work was provided by our auxiliary.

- Tonilynne Stirling, Auxiliary President