Skilled Nursing

Offering a continuum of professional care

Dedicated to Recovery

Oftentimes, skilled nursing care is not thought of until an aging parent, spouse or family member needs more help than a caregiver is able to provide.

The ACMH Skilled Nursing Unit is a licensed, Medicare-certified skilled facility, inspected and regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The unit offers short-term care for those needing rehabilitation services that are too complex to be tended to at home.

For more information, please call 724-543-8215.

Committed to Care

Skilled nursing care involves trained professionals performing services that are needed temporarily due to injury or illness, including:
  • A nurse attending to post-operative wounds or dispensing/monitoring intravenous medication
  • A physical therapist working with a patient to rectify strength and balance issues
  • A speec therapist assisting a patient in reclaiming their ability to communicate following a stroke
  • An occupational therapist helping a patient to become independent again, particularly when it comes to eating, dressing and personal hygiene

The ACMH Skilled Nursing Unit is located on the 2nd Floor of the hospital, providing immediate access to comprehensive hospital services in the event they are needed. The unit also provides the following:
  • Meal and dietary counseling
  • Pharmaceutical, lab and radiology services
  • Social and educational activities
  • Laundry services
  • Small staff-to-patient ratio
  • 24-hour hospitalist coverage
  • Visiting hours at any time

  • Expected length of stay is typically a minimum of 5 days of therapy (unless therapy goals are met prior to the 5th day). This excludes Sunday as therapy services are typically provided Monday through Saturday.
  • You may receive therapy services once a day and/or twice a day depending on your needs and tolerance as deemed appropriate by your therapists.
  • On Sundays, please ask nursing to assist you to your chair and/or assist with walking in the hallway.
  • You may wear your own clothes and shoes from home and/or hospital attire, whichever you are most comfortable in.
  • Generally, pain medication is ordered by your physician as needed. Please make sure you ask your nurse for your pain medication if you are having pain and/or at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled therapy.
  • Please use your call bell for assistance. We ask that you call for help when getting out of bed for your own safety. Skilled Nursing staff will be glad to assist you as needed.
  • If you have had surgery and require ice, please ask the nursing staff for your ice when needed.
  • If you have had a total knee replacement, and are using a coninuous passive motion (CPM) unit, you are expected to have the unit on twice a day for 2 hours each time. Please let the nursing staff know each time you would like to use the unit. They will assist in placing you on the CPM.
  • A weekly care plan meeting occurs every Tuesday morning. You and your family are welcome to attend if you so choose. Please let nursing know if you plan on attending.
  • Physicians do not round on the Skilled Nursing Unit on a daily basis. You will typically see your physician once a week unless otherwise needed. Nursing and therapists will communicate with your physician on an as-needed basis to provide you with the most appropriate level of care.

We look forward to providing your care on the Skilled Nursing Unit! Your nurses, social worker, therapists and physician will be working closely with you and your family to provide the most appropriate rehab program for you.