Emergency Medicine

Comprehensive emergency medical services available 24/7

ACMH has designed and built a state-of-the-art, two track Emergency Department. The Acute Care track has larger, private treatment rooms with privacy curtains, sliding glass doors and adequate space for all necessary equipment. The Express Care track more efficiently serves those patients who have less acute illnesses. With an expected time-to-treatment in the range of 20 minutes, Express Care patients have an overall length-of-stay significantly below the national average.

Acute Care

At ACMH, patients can rest assured knowing that they have quick access to advanced services such as cardiac and stroke care. The Acute Care track features:

  • State-of-the-art trauma exam room
  • 12 private exam rooms
  • 3 positive-pressure isolation rooms
  • Specialized bariatric room
  • Integrated nurse's station

Express Care

ACMH offers an Express Care option for non-critical visits involving colds, minor cuts, sprains and sore throats with immediate access to upgraded care if needed. Express Care features:

  • 8 results-pending areas
  • Specializes nurse's station
  • 3 private exam rooms

Expanded Space - Focused Care

In 2015, the ACMH Emergency Department re-opened with completely redesigned processes and services including security and privacy upgrades:

  • 16,000 square foot expansion
  • 2 triage rooms
  • Ambulance vestibule and EMS area
  • Decontamination area
  • Comfortable lobby
  • Consultation room

Since May 2007, STAT MedEvac, a medical transport helicopter, has been permanently based at ACMH Hospital. The base is staffed with an EMS Pilot, a Flight Nurse, and a Flight Paramedic 24 hours per day, 365 day per year. This allows ACMH Hospital and STAT MedEvac to provide an additional benefit toward addressing the overall healthcare needs of the community, while intimately linking our hospital to other major Pittsburgh hospitals.

The features that STAT MedEvac has to offer are numerous. The STAT MedEvac helicopter is equipped with everything that is available in an ambulance, and more. The Flight Nurse who is present on every flight is permitted to administer prescribed medicines that paramedics in an ambulance cannot give. Additionally, the helicopter is stocked with medical supplies including, but not limited to, packed red blood cells, a ventilator, and oxygen equipment. It is also equipped with balloon pump capabilities, which can temporarily assist a failing heart. All of these provide continuing care to the patient during transport.

STAT MedEvac is the only critical care transport program in Pennsylvania to be fully accredited in all modes of transport (rotor wing, fixed wing, ground critical care and medical escort). The accrediting agency states that two of the highest priorities of an air medical or ground inter-facility transport service are: (1) patient care, and (2) safety of the transport environment. The STAT MedEvac team believes in these priorities as well, and puts them into practice on a daily basis.

This service, not typically found in a rural, community hospital setting, is another way ACMH is striving to bring the best of healthcare to its patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
Along with your identification and insurance card, please bring a current list of medications, allergies and past medical conditions to expedite the registration process.

Can I call in for medical advice?
The emergency department staff is not permitted to give information or advice over the phone. It is recommended that you come to the Emergency Department for evaluation or call your family doctor.

How do I become a patient in the Emergency Department?
Upon arrival, a Registered Nurse in triage will evaluate you, and will either direct you to register or bring you directly into the Emergency Department.

Do I have to have insurance to be seen?

What happens if I need medication and the pharmacies are closed?
Upon discharge from the emergency department, you will be given select medications to last until your pharmacy reopens.

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Emergency Medicine Physicians

Joseph Clark, DO
Joseph Clark, DO
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Justin Dosch, DO
Justin Dosch, DO
Prehospital EMS Director
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James France, MD
James France, MD
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Rod Groomes, MD
Rod Groomes, MD
Assistant Medical Director
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Michael Hoffer, DO
Michael Hoffer, DO
Medical Director
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