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We accept both UPMC and Highmark insurance plans

Accepted Insurance Plans

For a complete list of accepted insurance plans at ACMH, visit the insurance acceptance page HERE.

Billing Questions

Today’s healthcare environment is challenging for both consumers and providers.

People have to make tough choices about treatment and procedures at the same time considering their ability to pay or their source of payment for services.

We understand that billing and payment for healthcare services can be confusing and complicated. 

Knowing your insurance policy is vital to receiving the maximum benefits possible. Failure to meet your insurance requirements may result in partial or complete claim denial and/or a higher co-payment or deductible.

For some services you will be required to pay your co-pay or a deposit that will represent a percentage of your anticipated liability prior to the date of service. We request that you pay at the time of registration any:
  • Insurance Co-payments – Co-pays are the flat dollar amounts an insurance plan requires the insured person to pay for each type of service. Hospital services that typically have co-pays, include but are not limited to Emergency Department visits, hospital outpatient stays, outpatient services, blood or blood products, etc.
  • Deductibles – Deductibles are fixed dollar amounts an insurance company requires the insured person/family to pay (“meet”) each year before the insurance company starts to pay a higher share of the medical bills.
  • Co-insurance – Co-insurance is the percentage of the bill that is the patient’s share. Co-insurance only applies to charges that are “covered” by that insurance company. Once the insurance company’s out of pocket (stop loss) threshold is met, co-insurance percentage will not apply.
  • Non-covered Charges – Patients are responsible for paying for services that their insurance company considers “non-covered.”
  • For billing questions, please call 855-840-1252.

Financial Assistance

If your health insurance coverage benefits do not adequately cover your medical expenses, we can work with you to arrange a manageable payment plan.

Our financial counselors are trained to assist you in meeting your financial obligations. Payment plans are available and we accept all major credit cards.

Financial counselors can also assist you in applying for charitable or public assistance programs for which you may be eligible. 

This service is provided to you at no cost. However, your cooperation is essential to successfully qualify for these programs. You are still financially responsible for the medical services until you are qualified for one of the programs.

ABLEPAY is a new option to help manage out-of-pocket medical expenses

ACMH is partnering with AblePay to help you manage out-of-pocket medical expenses, saving you money and time!

As an AblePay member, you have flexible payment options on every ACMH bill and the full support of AblePay billing experts if you have a question. The program is NO-COST and works with any  primary health insurance, including Medicare. It can be used by those who have no health insurance and are considered “self-pay”.  You can also include family members on your  AblePay account. 


  • They process payments for medical providers on behalf of their members, reducing their expenses.

  • They deliver providers prompt payment. Hence they are willing to accept our reimbursement as payment in full, allowing us to offer all the benefits membership provides.

  • Once enrolled, show your AblePay card during your next appointment. AblePay receives your charges and pays the provider per their agreed rate.

  • When you are notified via email and text, you will have 5 days to decide how much you wish to save by choosing the payment option that works for you!


  • The convenient AblePay Member Portal makes paying and tracking medical expenses easy and efficient.

  • Their team of medical claim experts is always available to answer questions and will even reach out to the providers billing staff on your behalf if needed.


  • To begin enjoying the benefits of your AblePay Health Membership, visit:

  • Enrolling is simple and within minutes you will be on your way to saving with AblePay Health!

You should call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card to make sure ACMH Hospital is in your plan’s network. 
Understand the services, tests and appointments that are covered by your insurance and your specific plan.
Be prepared for any upfront out of pocket costs – these costs could be associated with:
  • Co-payments
  • Co-insurance
  • Deductible applied by your insurance company
For specific questions on any financial responsibility applied to you by your insurance (copayment, deductible, coinsurance) you should call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card. 
Insurance plans that are out of ACMH Hospital’s network could mean higher out of pocket costs for the patient. 

We Are Here to Help:
As a courtesy to patients and their families, ACMH Hospital submits claims to most insurance carriers. 
To insure proper and prompt processing of your claim, it is important that all current insurance information be presented at the time of pre-registration and/or admission. 
Please have a copy of your insurance card and your driver’s license or other form of identification with you when you check in.

ACMH Hospital staff is available to assist you in understanding your hospital insurance benefits. 
Estimates of your financial responsibility are based on the accuracy of this information. The insurance benefit information provided by your insurance plan is based on the latest information they have available. Please remember that your insurance plan benefits are a contract between you, your employer and your insurance company. It is in your best interest to know and understand your benefits. 

If your insurance plan requires the medical services scheduled to be pre-certified or pre-authorized, ACMH Hospital will attempt to obtain such approval from the insurance plan or the entity responsible for utilization management. 
Failure to meet your insurance requirements may result in partial or complete claim denial or a higher co-payment or deductible, and you may be responsible for the remaining balance.

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Patient Financial Counseling
Please contact our Patient Financial Counseling Office at 724-543-8525 or 724-543-8521 with any questions on the Financial Assistance process prior to your visit. The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 3:30pm. 

Mail correspondence to:     
ACMH Hospital
Attn: Financial Assistance
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