Advance a new face of health care at ACMH Hospital by providing access to patient and family perspectives that will ensure the delivery of high-quality, patient and family­ centered care.

Patient and Family Centered Care

A Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is designed to create an environment where patients, families, clinicians, and other team members collaborate as partners to improve the patient experience and quality of care. ACMH Hospital is setting out to learn from our patients’ diverse perspectives and lived experiences and to integrate their ideas into service delivery and quality improvement efforts. The ACMH PFAC was formed with the recognition that patients and families are an essential resource to the hospital. By partnering with patients and families, we aim to enhance processes, procedures and care delivery to fulfill our stated mission. The members of our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) will be committed to advancing patient and family centered care at the organization and work together to resolve challenges with the aim of improving and enhancing the care provided to all patients and their families. These projects will positively impact access, communication and customer service.

Community Involvement

ACMH is soliciting community involvement as part of the PFAC initiative. Participating in a PFAC can be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved. Acknowledging the unique perspectives of ACMH patients and encouraging them to contribute to improving the practices can enhance the experience for the patient, family, and the entire care team. This will result in more efficient, effective, and higher quality care.

An Invitation to Join

ACMH is looking for engaged community individuals that want to help improve the experience of our patients in our facilities by joining the advisory council.  An Open House is scheduled for November 20th at 5:30pm in the Continuing Education Classroom, located on the second floor of ACMH Hospital, just next to the cafeteria. Anyone that is interested, please feel free to join, learn more, and help spread the word!

Applications for PFAC are currently being accepted and are due by December 1st. If you are interested, please contact Olivia Fusaro or  APPLY ONLINE.