ACMH Foundation

Established in 1991, the ACMH Foundation is a vital link that provides financial, educational and human resources to community programs fostering the awareness, understanding and creation of healthy communities.

2023 Community Project Grant

The ACMH Medical Staff Fund is seeking proposals for its 2023 Community Project Grant.

Project Requirements:
  • The program shall be located, and serving residents, within the catchment area of ACMH Hospital,
  • The program should preferably be a new initiative in Armstrong County,
  • The program shall promote health-related community education / awareness of health related problems or engage individuals and families to impact health related problems in the community,
  • The program shall continue through a significant part of the calendar year,
  • The program is charitable,
  • Only requests for under $6,000 shall be reviewed.
  • The program must include a brief statement of the background and purpose of the requesting organization,
  • The program must include the specific purpose for which the requested grant is to be used, including a budget, timetable for implementation and proposed method of evaluation,
  • A listing of the organization’s officers and directors, their primary occupations and their responsibilities to the organization.
Please email your proposal to Also include this grant application.

Proposals may also be sent to the mailing address provided below:
ACMH Foundation
c/o Ariane Angert
One Nolte Drive
Kittanning, PA 16201

Questions regarding this announcement will be received at 724-543-8401 and

Proposals must be received by:
October 25th, 2023 for consideration

A Tradition of Generosity

The ACMH Foundation has proven to be a good steward of your generosity and support, recently being instrumental in bringing 3D Mammography™ to ACMH, advancing our Interventional Radiology Program and the completion of the high tech renovations of our Emergency Department. Your contributions allow us to continue endeavors such as these, and add forward thinking initiatives and programs such as geriatric psychiatry, MRI imaging upgrades and the addition of the Health and Education Pavilion. Consider showing your gratitude by making a donation to the ACMH Foundation. Every dollar you give stays in Armstrong County and goes toward delivering care at a local level.

The mission of the ACMH Foundation is to provide financial, educational, and human resources to community programs that foster the awareness, understanding, and creation of healthy communities. This is achieved primarily by performing the following duties:

  • Support of ACMH Hospital and its healthcare initiatives.
  • Develop and implement effective fund raising programs.
  • Invest and manage entrusted funds responsibly, ethically, and effectively.
  • Promote awareness of the Foundation and the programs it supports.
  • Develop, support and deploy a network of volunteers, professionals, and community organizations that promote and champion health and wellness programs.

The ACMH Foundation will be a driving philanthropic force in the community with a primary focus on raising the awareness and availability of health and wellness initiatives.

The following is a list of the values that the Foundation will incorporate into its pursuit of the mission; commitment, integrity, honesty, accountability, and professionalism.

Armstrong County Veterans Treatment Court

The Armstrong County Veterans Treatment Court is a specialized treatment court designed to provide an alternative program for Armstrong County’s veterans facing criminal charges, many of whom are dealing with mental health and addiction issues. The goal of Veterans Treatment Court is to rehabilitate and restore veterans as active, contributing members of their community all the while addressing the criminal action.

The Court will be participating with the Armstrong County District Attorney, the Office of the Public Defender, the Probation Department, and other community organizations in order to identify qualified veterans. Veterans who participate will come before judges on a regular basis, receive support and guidance from veteran mentors, be supervised by specialized probation officers and receive treatment and support from the Veterans Administration to address underlying problems often caused by post-traumatic stress disorders.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Margaret Patton Foundation, the Armstrong County Veterans Treatment Court has been launched. We need your help to continue the work to be done. Donations can be made through the ACMH Foundation, Veterans Treatment Court Fund.  ACMH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and will provide a contemporaneous, written acknowledgment of any contribution.

Visit the Veterans Treatment Court Page to donate or learn more HERE.


How can I contribute to the ACMH Foundation?
There are several ways to contribute to the Foundation. Monetary gifts are the most usual method, but there are times when gifts of time or products are very useful. Those times occur during the planning of an event and will be announced on the website.

Currently contributions are accepted through postal mail, by dropping off in the Foundation office, or online via PayPal. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

What does “all contributions are tax deductible” mean?
The federal government recognizes all charitable contributions as a tax deduction that can be taken each year a contribution is made.

The Foundation is 501(c) (3) organization. What does this mean?
501(c) (3) is a federal designation meaning the organization is a charitable organization.

What is the difference between “Restricted Funds” and “Unrestricted Funds?”
Contributors may donate money to the Foundation without a specific reason, which is preferred since the Foundation supports many valuable programs using unrestricted funds.

Money that is donated for a specific cause falls under the category of restricted funds. This money will only be used for that specific purpose.

What does the ACMH Foundation fund?
The Foundation supports health initiatives and health education throughout ACMH Hospital and the Armstrong County area.

How can I request funding through the Foundation?
There are 2 ways to request funding through the Foundation:

  • Download a Funding Request Form, print it out and send it to the Foundation.
  • Or send in your own proposal ensuring the required information is contained in the proposal.

What information do I need to request funding?
Please follow these steps:

  1. You must first make sure your request is in line with the Foundation’s mission statement.
  2. Include a description of (reason for) request.
  3. Amount requested.
  4. The name of any other funders you have contacted or received funding from.
  5. Describe how the request will benefit the health of the community.
  6. Include a line item budget.
  7. Contact information of the person who is requesting the funds.
  8. Name and address of the project and how the check should be made out.
  9. List of Board Members or those in charge of the project.

Board of Directors

Wendell S. Davis – Chairperson
Business Owner
Continental Health, Inc.

Matt Kociola
CFO / Vice President, Finance
ACMH Hospital

Esther Miller
Retired Educator
Armstrong School District

Colby Owen
Nationwide Insurance

Anne Remaley
Vice President, Human Resources
ACMH Hospital

Liz White
Business Owner
White Enterprises

Cancer Center (Oncology) Assistance
This fund assists low income cancer patients cope with health costs associated with their cancer treatment.

Cancer Center (Oncology) Education
In order to provide our cancer patients with the best nursing available, this fund enables the ACMH nurses to acquire cutting edge techniques used in cancer treatment.

Cancer Center (Oncology) Outreach
The Outreach program gives our community the tools to learn about cancer. Screenings, education and support programs afford the citizens of Armstrong County and surrounding areas the opportunity to stop cancer before cancer begins.

Oncology Protocol
The Oncology Protocol is a unique program at ACMH Hospital that gives cancer patients the opportunity to take part in pharmaceutical research specific for their cancer condition. ACMH is very proud to have this service available giving our patients the edge in conquering their cancer.

Garden of Hope/Healing Garden
The Healing Garden is a fund started by cancer victims, and their friends and families, to provide a peaceful garden of reflection at ACMH. Plans are set to include benches, trees, flowers and a fountain to provide a tranquil setting for all of those touched by cancer.

Medical Staff Fund
The Medical Staff makes a commitment to “promoting the health in the community. ” The ACMH Medical Staff will do this in part by providing financial support to charitable programs that promote health-related community education or community awareness of health-related problems.

Hospital Patient Care Fund
The Executive Team of ACMH understood the needs of low income families and delivered a solution when they created this fund. While accompanying their loved one for urgent treatment, eligible family members will receive temporary stipends for meals and transportation to help ease worry and stress.

Wellness Initiative Fund
The Wellness Initiative fund is growing with the new wave of wellness and fitness. Walking events and educational programs are supported by this fund to enhance healthy lifestyles.

The Psychiatry Fund
The Psychiatry Fund is a charity developed by the ACMH Psychiatric Physicians. By creating this fund, it demonstrates the ACMH Psychiatric Physicians’ commitment to the community by providing sponsorship of free programs and other initiatives to the ACMH Psychiatric patients, staff and others whose causes align with The Psychiatry Fund’s objectives.

Board Designated Funds (supported by fundraising events):

“Drugs Kill Dreams” Activities
The ACMH Foundation is proud to aid in the effort of decreasing drug addiction. The drug awareness campaign was created by J. Gary DeComo.

HEALTHY Armstrong
In collaboration with the Armstrong School District, Children’s Community Pediatrics of Armstrong, UPMC Health Plan and other community organizations, ACMH Hospital is developing wellness programs to educate and provide fitness resources enabling our children to understand and choose healthy lifestyles.

Camp Cadet

Community Awareness Day


A gift from you can make a difference when you donate to the ACMH Foundation.



A gift from you can make a difference when you donate to the ACMH Foundation.

Every dollar you give stays in Armstrong County and goes toward delivering care at a local level.