Breast Care

The ACMH Regional Breast Care Center treats men and women of all ages presenting with a family history of breast cancer. Benign and malignant diseases are treated and surgical treatment is offered when appropriate. Located on the ACMH Hospital campus, the office facilitates breast cancer treatment through the services of medical and radiation oncology.

High-Risk Breast Evaluation

The High-Risk Breast Evaluation, available at the ACMH Regional Breast Care Center is designed to help patients better understand their breast cancer risk by completing an individualized risk assessment and developing an individualized breast screening and risk reduction plan such as chemo prevention or risk reducing surgeries.

Patients who may benefit from a High-Risk Breast evaluation include those with a family history of breast cancer, a family member with positive genetic testing results for a known hereditary cancer syndrome, a personal or family history of ovarian cancer, dense breast tissue or concerns about breast cancer risk.

Patients with an elevated lifetime risk of developing breast cancer are screened differently than the average risk patient. Elevated lifetime risk could come from family history, genetic mutations or high risk findings on biopsy. The NCCN provides guidelines for screening and treatment of high risk patients. Our providers assess your risk, refer you for genetic testing if recommended and provide guidance on imaging, physical exam and surgical recommendations if necessary. 

Surgical Procedures

Mammograms save lives!
Scheduling a mammogram is simple... obtain an order from your healthcare provider and call 724-543-8131 to schedule your appointment. No insurance? No healthcare provider? No problem! Call 724-543-8658 to find out how you can get free or low cost breast and cervical cancer screenings through the Pennsylvania HealthyWoman Program.

The Best Prevention Is Early Detection
Detection of early-stage breast cancer has increased 48% in the last three decades, due to the improvement in imaging technology.

Experienced Team
At ACMH Hospital, you will interact directly with breast-trained female radiologists, as well as a highly dedicated team of mammography and ultrasound technologists.

Patients who may benefit from an appointment include those with:
  • Breast lump
  • Breast cyst
  • Breast pain
  • Breast infection/mastitis
  • Gynecomastia
  • Nipple discharge
  • Abnormal breast imaging
  • Breast cancer

ACMH Regional Breast Care Center

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