The Art of Healing

A Showcase of Original Artwork Created by Members of the ACMH Hospital Staff and the Armstrong County Community.

ACMH Hospital, a trusted member of the Armstrong County community since 1898, has seen a revolution in medical and treatment technologies evolve throughout the past 125 years. Along with that growth, ACMH has established a tradition of innovative programs and community partnerships.

As our mission states, ACMH Hospital is committed to improving the emotional and physical health of its patients through superior clinical care and the compassionate management of illness and disability. 

We recognize that art can be a powerful tool to uplift, engage, and inspire. With that in mind, ACMH recently launched THE ART OF HEALING: A Showcase of Original Artwork Created by Members of the ACMH Hospital Staff and the Armstrong County Community.


Through a partnership with the Armstrong County Arts Council, ACMH is now home to “The Art of Healing” an ongoing art exhibition designed to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to patients and visitors.

Artwork created by members of the ACMH staff and individuals in the Armstrong County community is being showcased in designated areas of the hospital on a rotating basis. We invite the community to visit and enjoy these art installations.

For information on displaying artwork in the Art of Healing gallery, please contact the Armstrong County Arts Council:


The Art of Healing features a rotating display of various art mediums ranging from painting to sculpture and encompasses a variety of styles and techniques. Artists currently displaying work include:

Rod Morris

Abstract Artist
Rod Morris was born and raised in a highly creative, high-energy family in Kittanning, Pennsylvania on June 27,1947 (his Mother's birthday). From the time he could hold a pencil, he was scribbling on something - in between baseball, football, basketball, and music lessons. Although he would never be a star athlete, he became a competent trumpet player; and later in life a passionate guitar player - although not a performing one. Early on, Hot Rods and Hot Rod Art was the focus of all that scribbling. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was so influential in those days; as were the Beach Boys and of course, Surfer Joe, Surf Boards, and The Woodies. Eventually, the hot rods gave way to a different kind of “rock and roll” - abstractions, pure abstract, and abstracted thinking. The search for his “creative voice” in abstract was on. "I don't wake up every morning with a vague idea or a specific project in mind. Rarely do I dream up a piece. What does happen more often than not is that I begin each day with a more or less powerful condition of creativity. The intensity of the creative condition determines the direction of my day ending with the result being that day's work. It is a thing to look forward to each night and every morning. As long as I'm making something, I'm okay; I'm happy.”

Giuseppe Mammano

Giuseppe Mammano is an Italian artist. Giuseppe and his family moved to America about 20 years ago. Giuseppe found his love for painting just a few years ago. As a child he was very discouraged with his artistic abilities because his elementary art teacher had told him his drawing looked like mushrooms instead of trees. The class laughed. Fast forward to 2018, and now Giuseppe Mammano does art as his own personal business. Giuseppe Mammano uses mostly oils but does paint with acrylic as well. Giuseppe paints anything from landscapes to human or animal portraits. He is also a muralist. He also offers private paint classes to the public. He is a very well rounded artist.

Maria Pos
Ceramic Artist, Graphic designer
MA Arts Management, BA Multidisciplinary design 
Maria is a ceramic artist from Russia. Maria has been making ceramics since 2015, facilitating pottery and ceramic art workshops, and participated in dozens of markets in Northern Ireland, Russia and Italy. Maria graduated from Queen's University of Belfast. Studied ceramics in Saint-Petersburg and Multi-disciplinary Design. All her work is handmade, using a wide range of techniques from pottery to hand building, printing and hand drawing. As a designer Maria loves making functional ceramics for everyday use. Ceramics helps the author to explore the boundaries of material, and to express the vision of certain challenges in our world. Being constantly inspired by the Ocean, with current artworks dedicated to the Ocean and love for the Planet Earth. Maria’s work has been recognized and displayed at numerous exhibitions throughout the years and one primary goal of her work is appreciation of our planet. “I hope we all (the humanity) learn one day that our home is our planet, and there is a universal need to take care of it, and co-exist as one community. As we are taking care of our homes.”

Cathy Strate
Tole painting became popular in the 1800's as a way to decorate humdrum household tin items. The term “tole painting” derives from the French term “tole piente de lac” which means painted tin.  Over the years, tole painting has evolved to become decorative painting which encompasses painting on useful articles. Cathy began her tole or decorative painting journey in the early 1980's when she was a stay at home mom of two small children and a friend saw the need for me to get out of the house an evening a week.  Over the last 40+ years, she has painted thousands of pieces, traveled and taught decorative painting and art across the country and at home.  Although now she mostly paints on wood surfaces, she is taking this display of decorative painting back to its tole painting roots of metal. On display are stainless, silver and tin with some overlays of clay.  All of the items are for decorative use only.

Paula Jack
Paula holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in education from IUP, and is a former teacher with the Armstrong School District, having taught at East Brady and Kittanning High School. Paula currently resides in East Brady, PA. She is a self taught artist with a tendency towards the unique and free form art style. Inspiration for many of her pieces comes from nature, especially ocean life. She usually works with acrylics, resin and watercolor. “If you smile when you look at one of my pieces, or have a sense of calm, or just get lost in the color and design, I have achieved my goal as an artist.”