PFO Closure Procedure

ACMH Hospital Celebrates the Successful Implementation of a New Cardiac Procedure Aimed at Reducing Stroke Risk

Kittanning, PA - The ACMH Cardiac Catheterization Lab successfully completed their first two PFO Closures, a heart disease treatment to close a small hole called a patent foramen ovale (PFO), on May 2, 2024.

Both patients entered through Ambulatory Surgery, recovered in the hospital’s Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and were discharged the same day.

Interventional Cardiologists Ramzi Khalil, MD and Dr. Saad Tabbara, MD performed the procedures with assistance from members of the ACMH Hospital Anesthesia, Echo, and Cardiac Cath Lab teams.

A PFO closure is a structural heart disease treatment to close a small hole called a foramen ovale between the upper two heart chambers (atria). Everyone is born with this hole, which keeps blood from circulating to the lungs before a baby is born. Usually, this hole closes shortly after birth, when a baby's lungs begin functioning.

A patent foramen ovale occurs when the hole doesn't seal as it should. Most PFOs don't need to be closed and cause no symptoms or complications. Larger PFOs, however, may cause stroke.

Specialists with ACMH Hospital’s Cardiac Care program use a long, flexible tube (catheter) to insert a closure device in the hole. This device closes the PFO and prevents blood flow between the left and right atria.

PFO Closure can be performed non-invasively on selected patients that meet criteria, thus reducing their risk of stroke.

The PFO Closure procedure uses a medical device to close the opening between the hearts two upper chambers, stopping unwanted blood flow between the two chambers. This procedure can reduce the patient’s risk of a stroke.

IN THE PHOTO: (L-R): Jolene Bierer, RN, Ashley Myers, RTR, Amy Spencer, RTR, Todd Johnston, RN, Stacy Huth, RN, Dr. Ramzi Khalil, MD, Matthew Stuver, Abbott (device manufacturer) Representative and Dr. Saad Tabbara, MD. Also assisting with the procedures, but not in the photo are
Maria Lattanzio, Echo Tech, Heather Kennerdell, Echo Tech, Andy Lattanzio, CRNA, Brittney Felix, CRNA, Crystal Bauer, RTR, Ellena Anthony, RTR, Brooke Gispanski, RN, Dixie Perrine, RN and Kami Gavran, RTR.