Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network and ACMH Hospital Formally Announce Affiliation

July 1, 2024

KITTANNING, PA – INDIANA, PA – PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA - Having completed a series of regulatory and third-party notices and approvals, the affiliation between Armstrong County Memorial Hospital (ACMH) and Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN) has been formally consummated as of July 1st, 2024.

ACMH joins Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) and Punxsutawney Area Hospital (PAH) in the network which was formed in 2015. PMCN oversees its rural hospital affiliates with an integrated governance and executive management team that represents the common interests of the various communities served by each of these well-established hospitals that are so integral to each community.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for ACMH as it joins hands with the Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN) to further enhance the delivery of comprehensive healthcare services across the region.

"We are thrilled to join forces with PMCN as we embark on this journey to elevate the standard of healthcare in our community," said ACMH President and CEO, Nichole Geraci. "This partnership not only strengthens our ability to provide high-quality care to our patients but also reinforces our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in healthcare delivery."

In March of 2024, ACMH announced the formal signing of an affiliation agreement with PMCN, following unanimous approvals by both Boards. The collaboration between hospitals in this network will benefit from clinical, technological, and administrative resources with a common mission to combine shared values and resources.

"We are excited to welcome ACMH into our esteemed network of hospitals,” stated PMCN President and CEO Stephen Wolfe. "Together, we are better positioned to leverage our collective strengths and resources to drive positive change, improve health outcomes, collaborate on shared services, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve."

As part of the agreement, ACMH will retain its local identity and continue to operate as a separately licensed community hospital. The hospital will retain its own employees, medical staff and foundation. ACMH will continue to be focused on their mission of improving the health of their patients through superior clinical care and the compassionate management of illness and disability.

PMCN’s goals include creating long-term valuable efficiencies, synergies of scale, and sustainability for hospitals that are already operating with a high level of quality of care and effective local management.

“We believe this affiliation will contribute to maintaining and enhancing the exceptional standard of patient care already established in Indiana, Jefferson, and Armstrong counties,” stated the President and CEO of the network, Stephen Wolfe. “This closely integrated collaboration will secure the continued viability and significance of our institutions amidst the current competitive landscape of healthcare.”

The integration of ACMH into the Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network reflects a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and community-centric healthcare delivery. This collaboration underscores each organizations' dedication to advancing healthcare services and fostering a healthier future for individuals and families in the region.

“Punxsutawney Area Hospital is proud to be a part of the Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network and affiliated with IRMC and ACMH,” noted Punxsutawney Area Hospital (PAH) President, Jack Sisk. “As a rural hospital, PAH strives to provide access to high quality care for the patients of the region and we are excited to partner with other organizations that have the same mission and vision. As a system, PMCN is continuing to strengthen as a leader in medicine in our region. We are thrilled to be a part of the advancements in rural health care delivery.”

 "During this journey, it became evident that each of the three hospitals possess cultures and objectives that harmonize remarkably well," remarked Geraci. "Our collective emphasis lies in preserving essential services within our respective communities. This collaboration enables us to exchange successful practices from ACMH while capitalizing on new found opportunities arising from our affiliation."

“For over 125 years, ACMH has focused on the families we serve – from the babies born here to the adults who have been receiving care here their whole lives,” Geraci continued. “Today’s announcement of our affiliation with PMCN furthers our commitment to growing and improving the health of the Armstrong County community.”

 “I applaud the leadership of all three hospitals for their tireless efforts in the formal adoption of this vital partnership. A key cornerstone for a community to thrive is a robust health care network which residents of Armstrong, Indiana and Jefferson Counties will have for many years moving forward. The success of PMCN will be a priority of my work in the years ahead,” noted Senate Majority Leader Joe Pittman.