ACMH Hospital Announces Affiliation Agreement with Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN)

KITTANNING, PA - ACMH Hospital leadership and Board of Directors recently completed a months-long exploration into affiliation opportunities with the Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN) and has signed a definitive agreement to affiliate with the network. Formed in 2015, PMCN oversees its rural hospital affiliates with an integrated governance and executive management team that represents the common interests of the various communities served by each of these well-established hospitals that are so integral to each community.

In October of 2023, ACMH’s Board of Directors unanimously endorsed and authorized the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to explore affiliation opportunities with PMCN – which currently includes Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) and Punxsutawney Area Hospital (PAH).  PMCN’s goals include creating long-term valuable efficiencies, synergies of scale, and sustainability for hospitals that are already operating with a high level of quality of care and effective local management.

“Today, we are announcing the formal signing of an affiliation agreement with the Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN), following the unanimous approvals by both Boards,” states Nichole Geraci, ACMH Hospital President and CEO. “This affiliation aims to preserve, enhance, and continue our provision of high quality healthcare for our patients and ensures that ACMH is positioned to not only survive, but to thrive, for generations to come.”

As part of the agreement, ACMH will retain its local identity and continue to operate as a separately licensed community hospital.  The hospital will retain its own employees, medical staff and foundation. ACMH will continue to be focused on their mission of improving the health of their patients through superior clinical care and the compassionate management of illness and disability.

“The beauty of this affiliation is that the three hospitals have cultures and goals that are very much aligned,” stated Nichole Geraci. “All three hospitals are focused on keeping vital services within our individual communities.  That being said, this relationship allows us to use what works well for ACMH, while also taking advantage of opportunities identified as a part of the affiliation.”

“The ACMH Hospital Board of Directors and leadership team here at ACMH are very enthusiastic and excited about PMCN and the opportunity it offers to our Hospital,” stated W. Steven Davis, Chairman, Board of Directors. “To not only improve performance and enhance service offerings, but to do so while maintaining a high degree of independence.”

With the signed agreement in place, regulatory and third-party notices and approvals will begin.  The target date for the affiliation is July 2024.


KITTANNING, PA, INDIANA, PA, and PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA, ADD DATE – Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN) proudly announces its newest member, Armstrong County Memorial Hospital (ACMH).  Both Boards have now voted in favor of the move to expand the Network.  PMCN now includes Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC), Punxsutawney Area Hospital (PAH) and ACMH.
This affiliation will help to preserve, enhance, and provide quality healthcare for patients in the multi-county service area for all three hospitals. It will also create synergies, cost-efficiencies, and sustainability for the well-run organizations. After closing, individuals from all three communities will sit on the boards of PMCN – while an IRMC, PAH, and ACMH combined executive management team will represent the common interests of these rural communities for the long-term. 

The hospitals will retain their local identities and operate as three separate nonprofit corporations, with three separately licensed community hospitals.  While there will be some sharing of human resources for the benefit of respective patient communities, each hospital will retain its existing medical and nursing staffs, employees, volunteers, and community connections. IRMC President and CEO, Stephen Wolfe, will also serve as the President and CEO of PMCN, with ACMH Chief Executive Officer, Nichole Geraci, continuing to serve in that capacity at ACMH.
PMCN was formed in 2015 as the parent company of IRMC and PAH, as the facilities explored opportunities to more closely integrate in an increasingly challenging health care marketplace.  A letter of intent to explore affiliation opportunities was signed by ACMH in October 2023.


I was very pleased to learn of ACMH Hospital's plans to explore affiliation with the Pennsylvania Mountains Care Network (PMCN) last fall. The now formalized partnership will solidify ACMH’s ongoing collaborative work with Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) and Punxsutawney Area Hospital (PAH), as part of the PMCN. This long-term alliance is a win for local residents, a win for our region, and a win for the future of #rural healthcare. PMCN will also serve as a significant employer and #economicengine for the region they serve.

Thriving communities need a robust health care foundation in place to provide services and assistance to individuals throughout every stage of their lives. I’m proud to represent the district encompassing all three of these hospitals and I look forward to continuing to work with their teams for the benefit of our region. I am fully committed to the success of PMCN and will do all I can to support their growth during my time in office.

Their partnership will strengthen access to health care services within our area, and greatly benefit our region now and for years to come.