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Craig Viti, MD

Craig Viti, MD

ACMH Pulmonary Group

600 Medical Arts Building
Suite 670
Kittanning, PA 16201


  • Medical Director
  • Center for Sleep Disorders

Clinical Interests

  • Critical Care
  • Pulmonology
  • Sleep Disorders

Dr. Craig Viti is well known for his approachable demeanor and ability to relate to patients. He is able to explain complex pulmonary issues in understandable language.

 A particular area of interest is sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea. He is board-certified in sleep medicine in addition to being board-certified in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Dr. Viti has overseen the establishment and management of high level sleep labs in the Pittsburgh area. He was an early advocate of home-based sleep testing and has managed a multitude of other sleep disorders over his career including narcolepsy, insomnia, shiftwork syndrome and restless leg syndrome.

He graduated from the Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, completing an internal medicine residency and a pulmonary critical care fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Viti has been practicing pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine for 25 years and has an extensive clinical background practicing in both academic tertiary care centers as well as community based settings. He has been recognized with teaching awards for his outstanding instruction of medical students and residents during his career.  He served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

Dr. Viti has also served on local charitable boards geared towards enhancing elderly patient’s access to healthcare and supporting other community outreach programs.