Behavioral Health

An acute inpatient unit with a multidisciplinary team approach

A Path to Well Being

ACMH Behavioral Health is an acute inpatient behavioral health unit in which a multidisciplinary team provides care to individuals with behavioral health diagnoses in a safe, structured environment.

Patients are expected to attend scheduled activities and group therapy daily. Care is led by a board certified psychiatrist and directed through an experienced multidisciplinary team. Consultants are invited to participate in care as appropriate to the needs of the individual patient. The primary goal is for the patient to return to an optimal level of functioning.

For questions and referrals to the Behavioral Health Unit, please call 724-543-8437 or contact Kathy Guth, Community Education Coordinator, at 724-525-2285.


  • Psychiatry
  • Therapeutic & Educational Groups
  • Medication Education
  • Recreational Activities
  • Family Meetings
  • Social Service and Case Management Support
  • Internal Medicine and Specialty Consults as needed
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies as needed

Unique Features

  • Age Appropriate Programming
  • Private Rooms
  • Free Parking for Patients and Family
  • Small Patient-to-Staff Ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can family visit only after 4:00PM Monday through Friday?
Therapeutic groups and activities are scheduled throughout the day and patients' attention is directed to developing coping skills and becoming actively involved in their treatment and recovery. Weekend (and holiday?) visiting hours are from 1pm-7pm each day.

Why don't patients have a TV or phone in their private rooms?
The treatment team encourages socialization and wants patients to spend their free time interacting with others. There are televisions in the lounges for patient use. The patients are encouraged to watch TV, videos and play with the WII during free time together. Two public phones are available for patient use.

Can family attend groups/activities?
Due to issues of patient confidentiality, family members are not able to attend patient group sessions. However, on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6pm there is a support group for family members of behavioral health unit patients. Social service professionals direct the support group, which meets on the Behavioral Health Unit.

Will I, or my loved one, be safe on the Behavioral Health Unit?
To ensure safety and security, the Behavioral Health Unit is a locked facility. Rounds are made every fifteen minutes and a staff member is available 24/7.


From the ACMH Hospital main lobby, take an elevator to the 2nd floor, then turn left. The Behavioral Health Unit is located at the end of the hall. Ring the doorbell for entry.