Local EMS Providers Presented with Potentially Life-Saving Gift from ACMH Hospital


On December 19th, representatives from ACMH Hospital presented a gift to local Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers: King Vision Video Laryngoscopes.

EMS professionals are tasked with many difficult skills that they need to perform in emergency situations. One of the highest acuity skills is the placing of endotracheal tubes, commonly known as breathing tubes. These are required for patients who may have stopped breathing or are suffering from a major respiratory emergency.

“The King Vision Laryngoscope is a fantastic tool to help our EMS professionals with this skill, especially for any patients that may have a difficult airway anatomy,” said Jason Orton, ACMH Pre-hospital Care Services Coordinator.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide this life saving gift,” said John Lewis, President and CEO of ACMH Hospital, as several of the local EMS providers were presented with an early Christmas gift. Mr. Lewis continued, “We appreciate the relationship we have with our EMS providers and what they do for the people of this community and for our hospital. This is the least we can do for them in return. These are value added devices that will be an asset to assist in the challenges they face each and every day.”

The gift that the EMS providers received from ACMH Hospital was 13 King Vision Video Laryngoscopes to utilize in their every day duties. “These devices, along with their training, experience and skills can only add to their capabilities and will assist them in their work, particularly involving patients with a difficult airway anatomy,” Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Lewis and two others individuals at ACMH Hospital were instrumental in coming up with the idea and facilitating the donation gift: Mona Rupert, Vice President of Clinical Services and Diane Vogeley, Director of Materials Management. Jason Orton coordinated the distribution and implementation of the devices with Erin Erb, ACMH Cardiopulmonary Supervisor.

Representatives from three EMS service providers were on hand to receive the laryngoscopes. Charlie Hawkins of Ford City Ambulance Service, Dan Christy of Citizen’s Ambulance Service, and Larry Martin, Manager and Paramedic of Kittanning’s Hose Company #6 were present. Jason Orton is coordinating delivery to other area EMS providers who were not able to attend the presentation.