2020 Cameos of Caring Recipient

Congratulations to the 2020 ACMH Hospital Cameos of Caring® Honoree, Amanda Crytzer

 ACMH Hospital representatives presented the 2020 Cameos of Caring award to recipient Amanda Crytzer at a gathering prior to the virtual awards presentation that took place on Saturday, March 6th.

 The Cameos of Caring Program & Awards was created to honor exceptional bedside nurses who work at acute care hospitals. The program was established by the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing in 1999 to honor the organization’s commitment to the advancement and promotion of the nursing profession.

 Over the course of several months, ACMH Hospital Nursing Administration accepted nominations and ultimately had ACMH staff vote for the RN they would like to see represent ACMH Hospital.

 Amanda enrolled into nursing school originally because of a suggestion from her high school guidance counselor. While in school, she questioned whether she made the right decision. Upon graduation, she began her work as a nurse at ACMH.

 “It wasn’t until I graduated and learned from the nurses here, that I knew I made the right decision,” stated Amanda. “My guidance counselor told me what she thought was a good fit for me, and she was right. I love my job!”

 Amanda has observed many changes to the nursing profession throughout the years, but states that one thing remains the same. “The number one thing I have learned is to listen to everyone,” said Amanda. “Whether it’s other nurses, the doctors or other departments, Everyone knows something. Everyone contributes to the care of that patient, and I think that is one of the most important things I have learned as a nurse.”

 “This award is important to me because I was nominated by my coworkers. They notice what I do and appreciate it, and that’s important,” Amanda continues. “I became a better nurse just by learning from the other nurses I work with here. Some in particular have taught me so much, and I thank them for that. It’s rewarding for me to be a mentor to new nurses here, and pass on what I have learned.”

 We invite you to Join ACMH in congratulating this year’s Cameos of Caring® honoree… Amanda Crytzer, 3B Telemetry RN!